JaLeel Marques Porcha
JaLeel is a black fine art/commercial photographer raised out of Paterson, New Jersey. He is primarily lens-based who aspires to be an exhibiting gallery artist and editorial photographer shooting the experience of black existence with portraiture. His practice studies race and the gaze of black subjects. His inspiration is focused on the idea of showing the importance of specific moments that need to be photographed within black lives existing in space, whether it be created/everyday spaces, and how that can overpower the ideals of what a perfect photograph is. He is interested in exploring the idea of set design in relation to photography and what it means to capture someone's presence and how an environment can influence and empower a photograph. JaLeel currently lives and works in Providence, RI, and studies Photography and Sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design.
2020 Exhibitions
BACKTALK, online group exhibition, curated by Aaron Turner, PHOTO-EMPHASIS
2019 Exhibitions
 Sectional Musings, pop-up show, curated by Odette England, Rhode Island School of Design
Color It!, student group exhibition, curated by Odette England, Rhode Island School of Design
RISD EFS Triennial , student exhibition, curated by RISD Faculty,  Rhode Island School of Design