(b. 2001 Fort Riley, KS; raised in Paterson, NJ; and lives/works in Providence, RI)

 JaLeel is a multimedia artist whose works engage in notions of the archive and history; community and universality; (transgenerational)  trauma and the ideas of overcoming said trauma. Their practice is multifaceted and investigates solitary identity to narrate personal experiences for others to recognize similar or different experiences within themselves.
  Their inspiration is derived from their own lived experience, introspectiveness, and black popular culture. Porcha aims in surfacing the links that connect the nuances that target the intersections of their salient identities. Through the usage variety of mediums and approaches, Porcha creates layered spaces for imaginative thinking and confrontation.
  JaLeel has exhibited in Philadelphia, PA; Long Island City, NY; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Providence, RI. They are pursuing their BFA in Photography & Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design.